About Spectacles

Spectacles allows authors in the AEC industry to easily share their BIM models on the web.

Anyone with a web browser can explore Spectacles models on their mobile phones, tablets, and PCs for free - no plugins or downloads required.

Spectacles is being developed by the CORE studio at Thornton Tomasetti. We are currently in beta, and will continue testing and improving Spectacles through the Summer of 2016 prior to an official release. While we are still in beta, Spectacles will be free for all users, and we will roll out a tiered pricing plan in the future.

Current functionality:

  • Browser-based BIM model viewer for mobile, tablet and PC
  • VR mode on mobile phones - Google Cardboard compatible
  • Secure BIM model hosting on the cloud
  • Share models with other Spectacles users (login required), or create a public link that anyone can view
  • Exporters for Grasshopper and Revit

In the works:

  • Improved viewer functionality - measurement, sections, improved mobile performance
  • Comments
  • iframe embed codes - publish models anywhere on the web!
  • Link to Spectacles models from 2D drawings
  • Direct uploads from exporters
  • More Exporters - Rhino, Sketchup, Navisworks, Dynamo, Tekla, etc.